Undisputed G.O.A.T.?

Tom Brady won his seventh Super Bowl ring this past Sunday, so it is impossible for anyone to still argue that he is NOT the Greatest of All Time. Full Disclosure – I am a Boston sports fan, but I was also rooting for TB12 to solidify his greatness with a win.  Boo! Hiss! We get it, you can stop reading if you want.  This isn’t going to be ALL about Tom Brady, but about sharing a handful of interesting facts about the big game.

  1. You might be thinking to yourself… well who cares, I didn’t even watch this year!  Well, you’re not alone.  This year 96.4million eyeballs tuned in, which was the lowest ratings in 14 years!  Most are attributing this to bars and restaurants being closed around the country and not having all their TVs on and tuned in.
  2. Was anyone else disappointed with the commercials this year? The average commercial spot this year clocked in around $5.6million with an extra $200,000 to air the commercial on the online stream.  This amounts to $183,000 per second.  This is actually lower than the previous year, as viewership has been declining since 2015’s peak.  $5.5million could also buy you 6.1million clicks on Google, 22 weeks of TikTok hashtag challenges with a top user, or 275m+ Ad views on YouTube, so maybe that’s why…
  3. Kansas City Chiefs Quarterback, Patrick Mahomes (possibly the GOAT to be?) now needs to win EIGHT Super Bowls to surpass Brady’s total.  That is a tall task if he wants to be the best.  But maybe he is up for the task, having reached the Super Bowl in each of his first two years as a starter.  That is something Brady didn’t do.  The age gap between Brady and Mahomes is the largest between two starting quarterbacks, at 18years and 45 days.
  4. Brady, as an individual, now has more rings (seven) than any other single team.  The Patriots and Steelers each have six championships.  Of course, the Patriots would have zero if it wasn’t for TB12.  At 68 years old, Buccaneers coach, Bruce Arians, became the oldest winning coach of all time.  Who did he surpass? Bill Belichick won two years ago at the age of 66.
  5. This was the first year that a team played for the championship at their home stadium.  Maybe home field advantage did play an important role?
  6. Sarah Thomas became the first woman to officiate in a Super Bowl.  I’m not here to comment on the outcome of the game, but there might have been a few questionable calls against the Chiefs.  Go figure that Sarah Thomas has a son named… Brady?  Tampa Bay’s Lori Locust and Maral Javadifar also became the first female coaches to win a Super Bowl.
  7. Super Bowl Sunday is the number one avocado consumption day in the United States.  It’s estimated that Americans consume over 105 million pounds of avocados, mostly in the form of Guacamole! Holy guacamole!

Even if the game itself was not interesting to you, hopefully you enjoyed these stats, and found an excuse to snack on some chips and guac.

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