Core Investment Tenets

Implementing traditional and non-traditional approaches to provide an investment plan formulated to help you achieve your long-term goals and withstand market setbacks.

Investment Philosophy

Our investment philosophy combines traditional and non-traditional approaches to portfolio construction. From our experience, the components of a properly diversified portfolio should be transparent, liquid, highly tax efficient, and contain minimal—if any—external or embedded fees.

  • Asset allocation serves as the blueprint for the investment plan and our recommendations are formulated with your long-term goals and your ability to withstand market setbacks in mind.
  • We create “risk managed” portfolios that include multiple asset classes across global markets to achieve meaningful participation in the equity markets with less volatility. We believe in downside hedging and inclusion of low correlated investments.
  • We deploy active tax loss harvesting strategies throughout the year to increase tax efficiency and after-tax returns.
  • Our practice of tax sensitive asset allocation, known as asset “location”, can greatly enhance your long-term wealth. We go beyond simply diversifying your portfolio by asset class but also consider their tax characteristics before making asset allocation decisions.
  • We construct and implement our portfolios internally and avoid utilizing outside managers. This creates many portfolio advantages, including: greater transparency, control of “style drift”, removal of extra layers of fees, and access to the portfolio team.