Our Story

Client-First, Conflict-Free

Withum Wealth Management is a highly credentialed, diverse, compassionate, forward thinking, registered investment advisor (RIA).

Our DNA explains Our Story. In 2010 principals of a multi-billion investment advisor and Withum Smith & Brown, a nationally recognized accounting and consulting firm, created Withum Wealth Management. The motivation for this “business combination” was to give investors access to the strengths, resources and diversity of our two distinct co-founders while adhering to an overarching client first philosophy. Our goal then, remains true today, and tomorrow: “offer boutique like, specialized, wealth management and consulting services for all clients“. Our advice takes into consideration changes in your personal and family life, tax and regulatory environment, the global financial markets and current economic trends.

Client-First Approach

As an investment adviser registered with the SEC, Withum Wealth is held to a higher standard of conduct than most brokerage firms. By law, we have a fiduciary duty to our clients. We understand that the client comes first and are legally obligated to act in their best interest.

Conflict-Free Advice

Our investment management fee is based on assets under management as opposed to commission-based brokerage fees. We do not sell products or earn additional revenue from client investments. Removing these potential conflicts of interest allows us to focus on what you truly need.