What To Expect

We understand success is a direct function of aligning our efforts with your goals

A Fiduciary Relationship

Our team will act in utmost good faith, in a manner we believe represents your best interest. As a Registered Investment Advisor we are legally bound to put your interests first throughout the relationship. We do not sell any annuities, products or invest in loaded funds nor do we participate in any fee or revenue sharing of any kind. Our only means of compensation is our asset management fee. Our one goal is to deliver a tax sensitive, cost effective portfolio that matches your objectives and unique factors.

A Customized Approach

There are many unique factors that enter into building your portfolio including: “retirement assets”( i.e. 401-k plans, deferred comp), income needs, risk tolerance and life expectancy. You may prefer we exclude certain segments of the markets, perhaps you have a bias towards income growth or maybe you have a strong belief that specific environmental, social and governance criteria be met when selecting investments.

We also have the ability to incorporate “away” investments, if any, into our portfolio building process. Examples of these types of holdings would include: long standing private equity and hedge fund investments, stock options, concentrated positions and low cost basis stock. These types of investments generally contain their own unique set of tax and risk factors that could require special attention and planning. Taking into consideration all factors which make you unique helps us determine a suitable asset mix and an agreed upon universe of investments.

A Straightforward Investment Philosophy

We encourage you to be engaged in the pre investment process and throughout the relationship. We believe index based funds and individual securities are not mutually exclusive investments and that a proper combination of both can potentially enhance risk adjusted performance. We do not invest capital in hedge funds, illiquid partnerships or outsource any of your assets into separate account management programs. It is our very strong belief that clients will be well served by owning an intelligently managed, well diversified portfolio of liquid, publicly traded companies.