Case Studies

Real life examples of how Withum Wealth Management works with clients.

Recently Divorced

Understanding & Protecting Your Interests

Woman navigates finances after divorce
  • Problem: Divorce Leaves Spouse in Uncharted Waters
  • Solution: Clarified Divorce Settlement and Planned for the Future

Following her divorce, Ms. Neuday found herself confronted with an assortment of challenges and choices, many of which were financial in nature. Unlike many of our…

Brokerage Firm “Solution” Goes Awry

Stock Broker Pushes Separately Managed Account Program

Man questioning his financial future
  • Problem: Ineffective and Expensive Brokerage Firm “Solution”
  • Solution: Created a Conflict-Free, Internally Managed Portfolio

At the suggestion of a client, Dr. Care scheduled a complimentary consultation with one of our investment advisors. At the time of his visit he was 60 years old …

Untimely Loss of Spouse

Unbiased Guidance During a Life Changing Event

Woman thinks about husbands death

  • Problem: Surviving Spouse Facing Time Sensitive Financial Decisions
  • Solution: Implemented a Plan to Maintain Current Lifestyle

Mrs. Kelly, the mother of two teenage children, had recently lost her husband to cancer. Living in New York City there was no shortage of financial …