Lifestyle Planning

Helping you prepare for life's financial challenges and opportunities.

Personalized Lifestyle Approach

Our approach to lifestyle planning begins with identifying your immediate and long-term investment objectives. We then analyze your assets and stress test all sources and uses of cash flow. Our analysis acknowledges and properly adjusts for uncertainties related to future asset sales, deferred compensation, life insurance benefits, and potential inheritance. After developing a suitable plan we then create a customized investment portfolio designed to meet your goals.

Ongoing Financial Advice

We recognize that as your life progresses, your financial resources and priorities may change. For many people, their sources of income may need to be supplemented over time. In some instances, as with the loss of a spouse or a personal injury, insurance proceeds may become the primary source of income. In the case of divorce, new sources of cash flow may include alimony and equitable distribution payments. In all situations, our role remains the same—to help you maintain the lifestyle you desire.

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