Austin Hagaman Sleeps Out For Homeless Youth

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Austin Spends the Night on the Cold Streets of NYC

Austin Hagaman recently followed in the footsteps of Managing Principal, Jim Ferrare, and slept out on a New York City street to raise awareness for homeless youth.

The event challenged our nation’s young professionals to be “homeless” for a night, not as a stunt, but to foster a sense of solidarity with the 5,000 plus homeless kids who are served by Covenant House in cities across New Jersey and New York each year.

After the event, Austin explained his experience, “I knew it was going to be hard, but I never expected it to be that hard. I slept outside for one night, knowing I had a bed waiting for me the next morning. I had a sleeping bag, a cardboard box, and multiple layers of clothing on and I was still miserable. It’s no wonder these kids tend to have trouble getting a job and turn to drugs and alcohol as a coping mechanism.”

Visit the PWM Facebook page to see photos: Covenant House – Young Professionals Sleep Out 2013 »

Austin’s one night out on the streets opened his eyes to a world he assumed he knew. “Seeing, and even talking to, the homeless in the streets really doesn’t adequately illustrate what these kids are going through. I would recommend to anyone who has the opportunity, step outside your comfort zone and for just one night experience what it is like to be homeless. I guarantee you will learn something about yourself and the world around you,” Austin said.

The event, which aimed to raise $100,000, attracted 166 professionals who raised over $230,000. If you would like to learn more about Covenant House and the sleep out, please visit

Covenant House was founded in 1972 with the mission to help homeless kids. Today, Covenant House is the largest privately-funded agency in the Americas providing food, shelter, immediate crisis care, and essential services to homeless, throwaway, and runaway kids in 21 cities throughout the United States, Canada and Latin America.

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