Withum Wealth Management is Kicking Off the New Year With a Child!

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Withum Wealth Management Heads Into 2013 With Open Arms

If you were to walk down a street in a developing country, you would soon be surrounded by hands reaching out to you for help; hands of hungry children, hands of mothers with toddlers in tow, hands of the aged, hands of fathers who cannot find work to feed their families. This year Withum Wealth Management is reaching back.

PWM is teaming up with Partners in Development to sponsor Carl Braven Auguste. Carl is a 7 year-old child from Haiti. He is one of three children and currently attends school as a second grader. His mother is a small business owner and his father is a tailor. Even with two working parents, the Auguste family lives in extreme poverty.

With Withum Wealth Management’s help as a sponsor, Carl will receive tuition to attend school, much needed medical care, clothing, shoes, and other basic necessities.

Withum Wealth Management is proud to be apart of Partners in Development’s mission to help the extremely poor attain independence and whole life improvement.

Would you like to impact the life of a child in need? Visit www.pidonline.org/programs/child-sponsorships to learn more.

Partners in Development

Since 1990, Partners in Development has been serving the extreme poor in the developing world. Through child sponsorships, micro credit loans, housing opportunities and medical care Partners in Development aims to transform communities so they can be self-sufficient. They serve thousands of people each year in Haiti and Guatemala who are determined to break the cycle of poverty. Learn more about PID: pidonline.org

Learn more about Withum Wealth Management’s charitable endeavors: Withum Wealth Management’s Community Involvement


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