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Summer 2017 Investment Commentary


In the U.S., politics continue to capture headlines and consume investor attention. The legislative agenda has slowed amid investigations of potential Russian election interference and other issues. Given the current environment, investors have become increasingly skeptical of any near term passage of pro-growth, pro-business policies (cornerstone of the “reflation trade”). more

Withum Wealth Management Named as a Wealth Magnet on Top 150 Firms by AUM List

AccountingToday has released their annual report ranking the top CPA financial planners by assets under management, noting Withum Wealth Management to be in the top 150. The article, by Daniel Hood, discusses the 2017 Wealth Magnets and their focus on changes fostered by new regulations and new technology. more

5 Ways That Can Help You Pay For Higher Education

The cost of sending children to college remains daunting, and annual increases in the price tag for higher education have outpaced the overall inflation rate for years. According to the College Board, yearly hikes in college costs during the past decade have averaged roughly 5%, while consumer prices in general have risen less than 3% a year. more

Time Your Social Security Benefits For Top Results

What’s the payoff for working most of your life and paying Social Security tax into the system? When your time to retire finally comes, you’ll be eligible to receive Social Security benefits based on your work history and when you choose to begin receiving benefits. If you’re married, you may have additional options for Social Security, even if one spouse has worked little or not at all. more

Passing Down IRA Assets? Clue In Family Members

Do you have substantial assets in your IRAs? It’s important to be smart about beneficiary designations, and maximizing tax benefits, while avoiding potential pitfalls. But it’s also essential not just to fill out all of the paperwork and forget about it. Instead, take the time to discuss your plans with family members. more

Should You Fly Solo In Your Own 401(k) Plan?

Do you own and operate a small business? Although your equity in the company could help finance your retirement someday, it’s also important to put money in a retirement account, just as you would if you worked for someone else. There are several kinds of tax-advantaged accounts for you to consider. more

Investment Commentary – Spring 2017

Since the end of the Great Recession, global economic growth has been lower than historical levels and interest rates have remained at historically low levels. Bond yields in several countries such as Germany, Switzerland and Japan had dropped into unchartered territory of negative yields but appear to be looking for a bottom in recent months. more

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